I am a designer, visual artist and Creative Director of the studio Super Symmetry in Amsterdam. I love storytelling through video creation, graphic design, visual installations and live performances, I’m always searching for undiscovered insights, a deeper awareness and an innovative way to alter the gradients of language, thus allowing me to express an idea in a unique manner.

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Lorenzo “Jovanotti” Live 2018

2018 — Art Direction — Motion — Music

Deproducers Botany – Wonders of Plant Life

2016 — Art Direction — Science — Music

Sound Matters

2017 — Art Direction — Motion — Music

I like to see myself as an explorer, lucky enough to deal with different takes and situations. I’m intrigued by synthesis that results from mixing different fields, creative and not. During my career I’ve learned from coding to tailoring, always thrilled by new discoveries. I have experience in concepting, directing and executing a wide range of advertising, video and interactive projects.


VR Experiments

2016 — Art Direction — Science — Music

Botanica Botany Marino Capitanio Deproducers Super Symmetry


2016 — Art Direction — Science — Music


I’ve had the privilege of partnering with many global clients – Adidas, Discovery Channel, Dolce&Gabbana, Ebay, ENI, Mediaset, Mont Blanc, Martini, Nissan, Jeep, J.P. Morgan, P&G, Samsung, Sony Music, GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Wired.


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