Juke Crossover Sounds

2015, Integrated Campaign

Juke Crossover Sounds


Searching for new sounds

Juke Crossover Sounds is an integrated campaign for Nissan, produced with WIRED, Vanity Fair and GQ. Starring: the Nissan Juke, the popular Italian dj Albertino and 8 young talented DJs. The contamination of ideas presented opportunities for us to create something new. We started from a known element, the crossover of different kinds, which led to innovative and unexpected results.

This cross-media platform follows a journey around Italy where 8 DJs visit eight Italian cities, sampling specific sounds in each.
We produced a series of 50+ pages of insights and lateral contents, a TV and radio commercial, a digital platform with extra contents and a sequencer for creating custom tracks with samples recorded by the DJs.

The compilation

The goal is to create a compilation of electronic music influenced by the music trends and the unique sounds of every city. From EDM to techno trough hip hop, the composition of the album is the main topic of the 16 episode webserie.
Listen the tracks:


Creative Director: Cristina Baccelli
Senior Creative: Marino Capitanio
Project Leader: Federica Pasqual
Executive Producer: Luciano Mariano
Producers: Daiana Bucciano
Directed by: Bruno Palma
Post Production: Sator & Patners, Julie Scheen Costa
Written by: Alessandro Lippi

Created by: Studio 27

Special Guest: DJ Albertino


Milano – Simon De Jano
Torino – Lollino
Bologna – Rudeejay
Firenze – Konplott
Roma – Georgia Lee
Napoli – DJ Tayone
Lecce – Populous
Jesolo – Michael Salamon