2016 — Art Direction — Graphic Design — Landing Page



Lapo Elkann‘s request for his landing page was very clear,
he wanted a hub with links to his business activities (The Independent Ideas advertising agency, the Garage Italia workshop and the Italia Independent eyewear brand).

The landing page had to reflect his personality — Lapo is a multifaceted character, who has made the style a characteristic trait, carrying on the tradition of his uncle Gianni Agnelli.

What I wanted to achieve was a minimal page with some features for convey Lapo’s personality — I started from some shots made at Lapo during events, ceremonies and awards to create different artworks linked to Lapo’s passions.¬†From these I started to design pages tailored for him, elegant and chic that changes with each refresh of the visitor, like a dress according to the seasons and situations.


Credits —

Marino Capitanio — Concept and Art Direction
Studio Doppiozero – Web design


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