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My involvement in the Lorenzo “Jovanotti” Cherubini tour was an incredible experience. I had the immense pleasure to support the creative directors, Sergio Pappalettera and Carlo Zoratti, along with a team of eclectic designers and artists, in the creation of the visuals for the show.

My role was to translate the concepts of the show and the music tracks into visual suggestions backed with technological solutions.

Later, during the two weeks of rehearsal and production of the visual content, I led the design team in the development and execution of Sergio, Carlo and Lorenzo’s creative insights.

The performance of Lorenzo Live 2018 revolves around Don Quixote.
Here some of the early moodboards and technical solutions concepts  ↓

Our goal was to convey a progressive sense of illusion, an alternative sight with a stable, although sometimes minimal distortion of reality. An invitation and a desire for the engagement of the spectators to join the lunacy of the Don Quixote – Lorenzo. No less important was to convey the mood of Lorenzo’s new album, OH VITA!, produced by the legendary Rick Rubin.

Visually we combined modern typography, the feeling of the 90s and the aesthetics of some of Terry Gilliam’s movies (like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen — The Fisher King — The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus). Personally, I found both SBAM! (Lorenzo’s magazine / book design by Sergio) and Don Quixote by Cervantes a deep source of inspiration for the concept work.

The technical system at our disposal featured an amazing 20×10 meter screen, with movements in modules that allowed for different positions and format transitions. Nine enormous chandeliers, each with it’s own independent movement, laser lights and a turntable, all played roles in this visually breathtaking musical extravaganza.

An idea of —

Lorenzo “Jovanotti” Cherubini

Credits —

Sergio Pappalettera — Creative Director
Carlo Zoratti — Creative Director
Marino Capitanio — Creative Lead
Filippo Rossi — Additional Creativity
Alfredo Meoni — Motion Designer
Lorenzo Taverna — Motion Designer
Diego Ioppolo — Motion Designer
Mattia Cutaia — Editor
Luca Belli — Producer
Giulia Miggiano — Producer

Manuele Fior — Artist
Lorenzo Fonda — Artist
Fausto Collarino — Artist
Corrado D’Elia — Artist


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