Luciano Pavarotti

2013, Video installation

Luciano Pavarotti


Turning back the clock

Amo Pavarotti is the first official museum on the life and works of Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. I led the art direction and desing of all the multimedia installations for the show and associated events. Amo Pavarotti was presented for three days to selected guests in New York on April 16th to 18th and was opened in Verona at the Arena Museo Opera in Palazzo Forti on April 23rd 2013.

Luciano Life Journey - Multiscreen Animated video

We focused most of the resources on design and visualize a Luciano’s life as a timeline, building a path between memories of a young Luciano and evoking visions of the mythical Pavarotti. We designed this immersive life journey through a 10-meter video installation.


Multimedia Creative Director Claudio Sinatti
Project Manager Lorenzo Ferrari
Art Director Marino Capitanio
Deputy Art Director Federico Mattioli
Motion Designer Vincenzo Fabiano, Claudio Marcon, Gregorio Soloperto, Mattia Centemero, Domenico Diano, Michele Giannantonio, Davide Valentino, Diego Ioppolo, Alice Stefani
Sound Designer Andrea Gabriele, Fabio Perletta, Riccardo Ricci — Ultrasonic Studio
Producer Emanuela Papone, Valentina Bitetto
Content Manager Francesca D’Antona
Music Consultant Francesco Fusaro
Archive Enrico Ortu, Claudia La Rosa
Administration Lindsey Nicholson, Luana Aglieri


@82Mercer / New York City / April 16 2013
@Palazzo Forti / Verona / April 23 2013

A multiscreen video timeline with Holophonic sound