2019 — Creative Direction — Motion Design — Live Show



I had the pleasure of designing and directing the visuals of DNA. An engaging, musical science project by Deproducers that showcases the wonder, magic and beauty of the birth and of the evolution of mankind.

DNA speaks to a diverse audience with an impressive mass of information to address. The main goal was to design a varied, evolving and rigorous language, where organic elements populate grids and spaces. Simply put, it’s a language for spreading scientific data and music.

The production highlights 9 chapters, one for each music track, based on a specific scientific plot, from the primordial soup to DNA editing.

The LP is available on iTunes and Spotify and it contains the follow tracks and topics:

Abiogenesis – Brief history of Life – Chance and Needs – D.N.A. – Cell Suite –  Last Universal Common Ancestor – Cancer – Serendipity

the process —

Full project description coming soon.



Credits —

DNA is a project by Deproducers, Telmo Pievani, AIRC
Musicians: Vittorio Cosma, Max Casacci, Gianni Maroccolo, Riccardo Sinigallia
Scientist: Telmo Pievani
Art Director & Visual Artist: Marino Capitanio

Tour —

29.11.19 – Milano – Teatro Dal Verme
23.11.19 – Napoli – Città della Scienza

02.11.19 – Genova – Teatro Della Tosse
18.10.2019 – Bergamo – Teatro Creberg


check the full dates list here


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