2012 — Art Direction — Motion Design

I had the pleasure of designing and directing the visual performance of Planetarium, the first chapter of the music – science project by the “Deproducers”.

A travel in the outer — space

Planetarium is a music album that tells science through music. With scientific language emphasizes data and mechanistic processes, but only to leave grasp the deep sense of poetry in the background. The live set takes form in the theater by mixing the thrill of performing arts and the excitement of a real planetarium with the goal of combining science and visual arts for drift the audience in the deep space.

The Deproducers come to life from the collaboration of four well-known, Italian music producers: Vittorio Cosma, Gianni Maroccolo, Riccardo Sinigallia and Max Casacci. A collective further enhanced thanks to the addition of producer Howie B (U2, Björk) and drummer Dodo NKishi (Mouse on Mars). The astrophysicist Fabio Peri, who provides the scientific knowledge, leads this artistic path of knowledge and entertainment

The live show has 8 chapters, one for each music track, based on a specific astrophysics plot, a piece of the Universe and its relationship with mankind.

Planetarium – The travel of a light ray – Costellations – Event Horizon – The ARECIBO message – NEU: The born of a star – International Space Station – Planet home

The Live Set —

The whole live performance includes more than 30 videos for a 90′ minutes of running time, projected on a 15×5 meters stage and is managed via Modul8 plugged with a KORG MiniPad and an OSC interface running on a iPad.

Production —

We had access to the European Space Agency archive who give us an endless set of insights. The show is based on scientific footage blended with abstract patterns, infographics and immersive mapping. Some visuals are a close representation of the sound wave, connected to live samples sent by the sound mixer.

Credits —

Astrophysicist: Fabio Peri
Deproducers are — Vittorio Cosma, Max Casacci, Gianni Maroccolo, Riccardo Sinigallia
Art Direction and Visuals: Marino Capitanio
Stage Director: Peter Bottazzi
Sound Engineer Fabrizio Romagnoli
Production: International Music and Arts Management
Booking: Metatron Group
Photographer: Lorenza Daverio

Live shows —

Teatro Luciano Pavarotti — Modena, May 19 – 2012
Teatro Regio — Torino, October 30 – 2012
Teatro Ponchielli — Cremona, January 27 – 2013
Teatro Dal Verme — Milano, February 1 – 2013
Muse — Trento, July 19 – 2014
Parco della musica — Roma, February 17 – 2015
Teatro Dal Verme — Milano, February 23 – 2015
National Science Museum — Permanet Installation


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