2015 — Motion Design — Interactive Experience



The Rock Cavings National Park, in Valle Camonica, is the first of the Unesco Sites in Lombardy — Italy — to be labelled as World Heritage in 1979. Valle Camonica like a jewel case guards a secret: 300000 marks engraved on rocks and a story lasting more than 10000 years.

For the Milano Expo 2015 the Lombardy region has decided to create a digital experience to promote the site — with is only 100 kms from Milan. In the experience the visitor can create his own unique and personal mark to leave in the digital world and discover an immense depository of stories.

In this project by Meet the Media Guru I was responsible for the animations and the sound design in the experience.

The Valcamonica interactive experience is a sensory journey across ancestral sings. The return to the valley from which our ancestors came from. The concept comes from the idea that “You have already been here” and is developed into a multi-sensory environment where users can navigate through the senses, diving in a spaceless and timeless language, an environment where they can live a personalized experience.

By engaging in the activities of the experience, the user receives a unique mark, whose value is determined, by the choices that user makes during the navigation. The web platform is filtered by the choices of the user and on-site this mark can then be taken and used to visit the park, and receive augmented contents via a RFID bracelet.

Credits —

Valledeisegni.it is a Meet the media guru project
vanGoGh Innovative Thinkers — Web Design
Serena Micieli — Art Direction and Illustrations
Marino Capitanio — Animations and Sound effects


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