I’m in love with Virtual and Augmented reality as a medium — I’m developing small pieces of storytelling through this type of technology. Here some experiments ↓

— Spark AR

— Unreal Engine

AMIGA Workbench 1.3 Boot VR + Hand Tracking Test 01 — Unreal Engine

— Unity 3D

Audio interaction is a concept that constantly recurs in my projects.
This experience “Immersive Music” starts from the idea of a VR environment where visitors can interact with music and explore the spatiality of sounds.

I started by developing the music analysis scripts, the design of the main menu and the controllers interaction.

I  later developed a particle system related to the audio frequencies.

Main Menu V2 test — music by Digi G’Alessio

The next step was to create a primordial and mysterious environments to explore.

— Apple ARKit

When Apple first released the ARKit SDK I tried to use it via Unity. I took a free volumetric model from 4D Views to make a small scene. I had a lot of fun developing this prototype and trying it around the city. At some point I thought “Why not make a video clip?”


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