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I am a designer, creative director and multimedia artist based in Amsterdam. Driven by a genuine obsession with visual storytelling, I love to use unfamiliar, experimental and innovating mediums.


Marino Capitanio Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Born in Italy in the year of the Return of the Jedi, I have always been fascinated by digital technology and highly complex, organized structures. I began to program computers from an early age. Continuing to find beauty and elegance in logical architecture and driven by an intense passion for the visual arts, I focus my work on the creation of visual ecosystems, interactive narration and computational design.

My creative method was developed along an unconventional path. It’s the study of visual trends that I reinterpret with innovative tools. The resulting synthesis from mixing different fields yield many unexpected and surprising outcomes. My work delves into emotion, shapes and sound through moving images, interactive installations, graphic design, and live performances.

I go solo, lead teams, follow, play and work well with others on both traditional and innovative projects. Over the years, I have specialized in scientific and musical storytelling, I still dream of making a videogame.

I have successfully completed the world-building fellowship with Epic Games. I am proud to be part of the @Deproducer collective and professor of Digital Cultures @IED Milan.

72andSunny, Adidas, Bulgari, DAZN, Deproducers, Discovery Channel, Dolce & Gabbana, Google, GQ, Grazia, Instagram, Karl Lagerfeld, Lorenzo “Jovanotti”, Maserati, Mondadori, Nissan, New Balance, Prosus, Samsung, Subsonica, The Fabricant, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Wired, X-Factor — are some of the artists and clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Motion Design
Graphic Design
Video Direction
XR Development
Interactive Installation
Brand Identity
Digital Strategy

Live shows — Exibitions

Paradiso XXXIII — 2022
X-Factor Italia — 2019
Deproducer DNA Tour@Italia — 2019
Subsonica “8” Tour @Italy — 2019
Lorenzo Live 2018 Tour @Italy — 2018
Deproducer Botanica Tour @Italy– 2017
Deproducer Botanica @Teatro Dal Verme — Milano — 2016
Deproducer Planetario @Milan Science Musem — 2015
Deproducer Planetario @Teatro Dal Verme — Milano — 2015
Deproducer Planetario @Parco della musica — Roma – 2015
Deproducer Planetario @Muse — Trento — 2014
Leonard Eto @Triennale — Milano — 2013
AMO Pavarotti @Palazzo Forti — Verona — 2013
AMO Pavarotti @82MERCER — New York City — 2013
Deproducer Planetario @Teatro Dal Verme — Milano — 2013
Deproducer Planetario @Teatro Ponchielli — Cremona — 2013
Deproducer Planetario @Teatro Regio —  Torino — 2012
Deproducer Planetario @Teatro Luciano Pavarotti — 2012


Unreal Engine
After Effects
Cinema 4D
Spark AR

Press and Publications

Urban Groove Scapes (Earthphonia 2) — Max Casacci — 2023
Earthphonia — Slow Food — 2020
Grazia Special Issue — Mondadori — 2020
Subsonica “Mentale Strumentale” — Sony Music — 2020
Subsonica “Microchip Temporale” — Sony Music — 2019
Subsonica “8” — Sony Music — 2018
Vice Creators — Deproducers Botany — June 2017
Design Week — Deproducers Botany– June 2017
Corriere della Sera — Lapo Elkann Landing page — January 2016
Onstage — Deproducers Planetarium — January 2013
Hype Beast — BRKN Queens — July 2012


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