On this page you will find visual experiments, WIP and development tests of various Interactive / VR / AR projects

⌘⌥ Unreal Engine 5
Epic Games Worldbuilding Fellowship 2023

AI Experiments  {2022 – 2023 }

Unreal Engine 4 + TouchDesigner
Interactive Environments for The Fabricant Studio

Unreal Engine 5
Heigh fog explorations

Unreal Engine 4 + Niagara + Rokoko Smartsuit
Realtime Tracking of a dancer w/ Lorenzo Fonda {early test}

Unreal Engine 4 + Niagara
{ Niagara System stylized rain test }

Unreal Engine 4 + Niagara
{ Niagara System on a Skeletal Mesh }

Unreal Engine 5 + Niagara
{ Niagara System reacts in real time with the user’s position }

Unreal 5
Visual exploration for the visuals of Dante’s Paradise
Fluid Ninja  {Test 01}

Unreal 5
Realtime CGI
Nanite + Lumen {Test 01}

Cinema 4D + Octane
Visual Exploration for Maserati Grecale 2021 reveal
{ spaciousness }

Cinema 4D
Cloth Simulation

Spark AR 
→ Augmented Reality
Galaxy 999 Face Filter + { Sound-reactive experiments }

Unreal Engine 4
Virtual Reality
AMIGA Workbench 1.3 Boot: VR + Hand Tracking { Test 01 }

Unity 3D
Virtual Reality
{Immersive Music} a VR environment where visitors can interact with music and explore the spatiality of sounds.

Marino Capitanio VR/AR

Cinema 4D
Early concept for the Live Show {DNA}

Canon 5D Mark IV + Oil, milk and acrylics
→ Mixed media
Visual concept for the track {Abiogenesi} of the live-show {DNA} → more

Apple ARKit + Unity 3D
→ Augmented Reality
Prototype for an AR app for promoting music artists


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